The sound you just have to make when grinding pepper. Not doing it will result in a kitchen disaster.
Comes from the YouTube channel You Suck At Cooking.
Now, put in some salt and some pepper pepper pepper.
by Onko July 9, 2017
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Peppered, a word used to describe action of someone getting hit multiple times, it can also be used to describe the severity of someone getting roasted.
Josh, keetie, George, Joe, and skin, were all playing paintball keetie says to Josh " are you ready blad I'm gonna pepper bare man!"

Or George gets called a homosexual stoner which leads to Joe saying "oh my daise brav you just got peppered "
by Skin eplets69 July 22, 2016
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Peppering: when you are being annoyed or pressured, can also be used in soccer when the other team is attacking.
Stop peppering me, you are peppering.
Peppering the goal
by Gkianna December 2, 2017
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To exaggerate or "spice up" a story or facts.
Don't pepperize! You didn't really run a marathon barefoot in snow! You walked a mile in the rain!
by Mitt Biikert December 29, 2006
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My brother was addicted to pepper for quite some time.
by Jontajonta January 4, 2009
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