When doing anal sex, doggy style, 69, oral sex, and titty fuck all in 2 minutes.
Bro I just pulled The Neilson last night
by John Trucker January 20, 2010
Neilson is the best guy on the planet. I'm pretty sure every girl wants him. he's kind, tall, sweet, cute, nerdy( in a good way) loves his memes and is very smart. There's always that one girl who will never stop loving him, and all the others who are scared to show it. If not by now soon, he'll get this amazing girl who wants to show him love. Neilson loves to travel true. One of the best guys I've ever met. Always hold on to Neilson if you have one in your life.
Girl 1- wow is that Neilson?
girl 2- yeah
girl 1- yeah he's hot
girl 2- but also very sweet
Neilson- hey girls
by Vanilla and cream November 6, 2019
A delicious drink. Ingredients include vodka ,cranberry juice, lemonade and fresh lime.

Best served with ice and drunk through a straw.
Bar tender i will have 3 Leslie Neilson please.

These Leslie's are the bomb.
by Kergman January 17, 2011
A kid who does a bunch of drugs and broke up with his girlfriend bc he got head in a hospital/rehab
Frank Neilson has big gay
by RealNiggaaa69 May 20, 2019
When a males penis us at its largest, from an having an erection it is called a full neilson
It was aukward because I had a full neilson when I stood up.
by Toumbraider99 June 29, 2018