A singular sexual activity where the pervert has 4 wines and then watches porn on 2 computers
I was so sad last night that I pulled The Neil - Mom walked in on me in the morning and tissues were all over the place
by Honcho69 December 09, 2020
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Verb: The act of forcibly following a girl home after a long night of drinking "Kenny's Wine".
Lets grab a bottle of red and a bottle of white and go Neiling!
by R. Webster February 13, 2008
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One of the greatest, sweetest, smartest, sexiest, and creative guys you will know. He will do whatever he can to make his girl happy. He is caring and very protective. A relationship with a Neil will be one that will last forever. Anyone that lets a Neil go will regret it.
I love how much Neil cares.
Neil is so creative and smart.
by golden1120 January 27, 2019
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A Neil is the best boy you could ever meet he is nice, caring, and has an amazing smile if you find yourself a neil don’t let him go
Man I wish I had someone like Neil
by Cool_kids February 15, 2018
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He loves to play soccer and a lot of stuff. He is simply just a god.
He is Neil (A God)
by god that loves humans March 07, 2019
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1. The act of ripping someone off 2. Pinching someones dope and/or cutting dope
That nigga got neiled, Neil served that nigga straight salt
by StreetzBwatchin July 18, 2017
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