A name given to a homie when they do something exceptional or amazing. Used when other words can't describe the awesomeness of an occurence or person.
"When Johnny jumped off of his bike into the lake it was the mustard."
by Marki G May 19, 2005
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In relation to Corrosion - the change of colour of rust from a light red to a dark red colour
The corrosion on the Tank has mustardized, The mustardization of the rust has indicated a change in the intergrity of the tank
by Revric July 28, 2011
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brain dead-> vegetable-> mustarded-> retarded-> slow-> average-> intelligent-> genius

Of seemingly average intelligence but in fact so mystifyingly stupid that even retarded individuals comment. Often accompanied by the hubris of thinking one is God's gift to everything; A certain path to a Darwin Award.
His friends commented on how Mustarded it was when he ate shit trying to skate down The Hill.
by Attmay Ustardmay September 17, 2006
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As in good, not as food but naming or calling something 'mustard' means this is good.
'Last Night Was Mustard'
'That Game Was Mustard'
by SM66 November 8, 2007
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a wet fart, or a drippy fart, or a nasty squirting fart,any fart that leaks more than air...
someone farts and it leaves a litlle residue BUT MUSTARD when you fart and have to wipe yourself or think you have to check your underwear you spit but mustard
by hassan.j March 5, 2008
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MUSTARD is an abbreviation meaning Moo U Shit Turd, Also Rat Dust. It is a secretive way to call someone a cow, a shit turd, and a dusty rat.
Omg she is a MUSTARD
by Banana_Human August 13, 2020
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