The Mint is when a girl is wearing such low cut pants that it shows off an area above the crotch that should have pubic hair. The mint often occurs at rock concerts so be on the look out.
Did you see the mint on that girl. or
she must be freshly minted.
by sokerbrain April 14, 2009
Mint refers to something that is more than cool, such as awesome. Just like it's usage in describing an item as being in mint condition, if you say that something is mint you are referring to it as being flawless or close to it. The word can be used to describe many types of things including an object, thought, or idea. It is almost always said in an excited tone. Mint used in this manner was most popular in the 1980's, mainly amongst kids and young adults.
by uawildcat182 May 17, 2018
1. Nice
2. Cool
Man, that shit is mint.
by scott andrew November 25, 2003
Expression used in The North Of England meaning good
Ah, thats well mint!
by jms November 1, 2002
Look at her she is is mint would mean That girl over there is attractive
by hoganknowsbest September 2, 2009
loaded , lot of money or can mean good
he's minted
by June 3, 2003
1. A flavour, based on Mint leaves.
2. A hard candy of above mentioned flavor.
3. A place where coins are made.
4. Collector-speak for something in perfect condition.
5. Something cool, spiffy, sweet, excellent.
1. Alex gave me some mint flavoured gum.
2. Amanda, would you give me a mint?
3. We took a tour of the mint last week.
4. This Ninja Turtle action figure is in mint condition.
5. That's a mint car, dude.