A very annoying song from the children's show,Lazytown, that has become a internet meme and as been made into dozens of variations on YouTube. The song is sung by the character Stingy , in witch he claims several objects to be"mine"
Guy 1: Hey what's with all the new variations of the mine song popping up all over youtube? That came out in 2005!

Guy 2: Because thats the power of memes.
by GRRRRYAN April 25, 2017
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A Internet meme from LazyTown that includes Stingy saying “This is mine!” It became a Internet meme when it was published on the internet
Stingy, you sung the Mine song!
This mailbox is mine!
And this triaginal sign!
The blue ballon, the month of June.
They’re mine (Mine 5x)
Ziggy’s sweets are mine!
That birdy’s tweets are mine!
The city streets and both of your feet.
They’re all imphatically mine!

I all belongs to me! Everything that I see!
Noord, Zuid, Ost and West
I caress it, ‘cuz I possess it!
I’m Stingy and it’s mine!
And this instrumental break is also mine!
The floor and ceiling are mine

All your feelings are mine!
You always knew it, that’s all there is to it!
It’s mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE!
That’s what I said; It’s Mine
by Qorptocx December 22, 2018
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The act of exploring a variety of music on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora etc to develop or add to your current playlist.
We were song mining Spotify for new songs to add to our playlist.
I found this tune while song mining on Pandora.
by KataterChip December 31, 2021
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