The best video game franchise ever to exist! It's been around since the 80's and each game has got progressively better and better until it feels you with Fucking nostalgia and feels ;-;

The Legend of Zelda also shows who is human and who isn't. If you didn't cry or feel sad at Midna or Fi's heart wrenching goodbyes then you're a fucking monster with an ice bitch attitude and nobody likes you.
Guy: "Debbie didn't find it sad when Midna blew up the Mirror of Twilight."

Girl: "That's because Debbie's a cunt."

Guy: "True, The Legend of Zelda is awesome."
by AxelBlack May 15, 2017
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A video game made by Nintendo where there is a warrior named Link who is supposed to save Zelda. Hardest game to get through.
by SonicDude June 02, 2003
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The worst video game series published by Nintendo. Unrealistic storyline involving an elf in a green skirt trying to save a princess from an evil wizard dude (generic storyline, bleh), who's really just saving her because it's a better excuse to do that than to flat out say he was stalking her. It's set in medieval times, because, honestly, I don't see any electric-powered devices, such as automobiles, lightbulbs, or modern-day machinery (they use huge wooden gears and horses to travel, 1600's maybe?) Also, it's really easy to become lost. In Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time, it's SOOOO expansive that a casual gamer or just someone who really doesn't care to spend alot of time getting from Point A to Point B (me being the latter) wouldn't enjoy. AND if you make one tiny mistake, like missing a key item in the game, you're basically screwed. Oh, and video games are supposed to be fun. Playing a game with a stalker elf midget, a 1600's setting, a confusing as hell sense of direction, and a generic storyline is not fun. Plus, it's not MULTIPLAYER (minus Four Swords).
The Legend of Zelda is a horrible excuse of a video game series, and, honestly, I have no idea why it was ever created.
by Oomomo December 24, 2009
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1. Video game released in the United States in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Developed by Shigeru Miyamoto.

The player assumed the role of the young hero, Link, in his quest to reassemble the shattered Triforce of Wisdom, defeat the evil Ganon, and rescue Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. In the course of this adventure, the player had to combat foes, explore dungeons, acquire items, and solve rudimentary puzzles.

Highly acclaimed at the time because of it's huge overworld and the unprecedented degree of freedom it allowed, the game nonetheless had numerous flaws and shortcomings: the story was... derivative, to say the least; combat was tricky, mostly because Link didn't move very smoothly; the "puzzles" generally amounted to "bomb walls/burn plants/push blocks/kill enemies"; the dungeons started to get very monotonous around the third palette swap, ect...

These, and other problems would plague the Zelda series throughout its life, steadily becoming more manifest in sequels, as the series lapsed into decadence.

2. The series of action/adventure games produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, and published exclusively by Nintendo. Apart from the original (a genuinely visionary effort in its time), and Ocarina of Time, these games are characterized by unremarkable combat, insipid puzzles, and poorly-designed overworlds.

3. The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past. The third incarnation of the Zelda series, released in 1992 on the Super NES, can best be described as the point when the Zelda franchise, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Nintendo itself all jumped the shark simultaneously.
1. "The Legend of Zelda was a fantastic concept and a great game, though Miyamoto faltered a little on the execution."

2. "Shit, the guy's a wolf now? Just when I thought Zelda could get any worse...

3. "The Legend of Zelda is for snerds."
by Thisspaceforrent March 24, 2007
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A really good game franchise. Created by Nintendo, you play as Link, a Hylian, trying to save the princess named Zelda from Calamity Ganon. Particularly good games in this series are Skyward Sword, Breath of The Wild, and Link to The Past.
Human: Hey have you played The Legend of Zelda? Fire as hell if you ask me.
Hylian: I *am* The Legend of Zelda.
by the ouma piss fic February 24, 2021
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Said to be one of the most popular games in history, it is also one of the only games to have an extremely confusing timeline, the timeline goes in this order, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Minish Cap, Four Swords, and then Ocarina of Time. In the events of Ocarina of Time, Three timelines open up showing us each one of the games shown to us, we will start with the Adult Era, where Link defeats Ganon and Is not sent back to the past with the Ocarina of Time: Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. In the Child Era, Link defeats Ganon and is sent back to the Past with the Ocarina of TIme. Child Era: Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and then Four Swords+Hyrule Adventure. The final (and Best timeline in my opinion) is the Failed Hero Timeline, this is where Link gets defeated by Ganon and he takes over the world. Failed Hero Timeline: A Link to the Past, Oracle of Seasons and Ages, Links Awakening, A Link between worlds, Tri-Force Heroes, The Legend of Zelda, and The Adventure of Link. Now regarding the most recent(and best Zelda game ever) Breath of the Wild, it is said to be placed after all of the timelines but, no, that doesn't satisfy my mind A video Made by Game Theory will show you, type in: Game Theory: How Zelda Breath of the Wild Solves the Zelda Timeline, and you will know the knowledge I have obtained
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by lonleywanderer321 September 26, 2018
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A game franchise that makes everything else look like it's not worth buying due to the epic fun you'll have by playing it.
P1: Hey, wanna try out a new game?
P2: Only if it's a game from The Legend of Zelda franchise.
by ACLink December 29, 2020
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