The Knock - when someone knocks on your door to bust you, serve a warrant, or otherwise ruin your day.

Could be in an apartment when the super knocks on your door because you’ve had a friend staying over too long. Could be in a hotel when you haven’t checked out and they’re telling you you’re late and it’s time to leave. Could be in a dorm when you’re having a party and you get busted by the RA. Or could be when the police show up because you’re in deep shit. Probation officer, serving a warrant, anything. It’s bad news.

The knock is from someone in a position of authority, hitting your door to tell you you’re in trouble. You don’t have a choice to open the door or not. The only question is how bad the trouble is going to be.
Oh shit, he got the knock.

I got the knock this morning, I’m out boys, getting evicted as we speak.

Remove me from the group chat, I’m worried about getting the knock after one of you idiots says something that triggers the feds
by Nobødy January 17, 2021
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Epic joke told by character Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) in 2002's "Catch Me If You Can".
Carl: "Want to hear a joke?"
Bill: "Sure."

Carl: "knock knock."
Bill: "Who's there?"
Carl: "Go fuck yourself."
by Holloway11b June 27, 2010
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Popular children's game derived from William Shakespear's "Macbeth" - Act 2, Scene 3, line 7, "Knock, knock! Who's there, in th'other devil's name?.."
Knock knock?
Who's There?
Who hooh?
No im not an owl, im Hooh.
by MadScientist February 25, 2005
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A fun game in which the participant stands outside a closed door where someone is sleeping. The player pulls out his penis and begins to masturbate. He must stand close enough to the door so his hand knocks on the door as he masturbates. The aim of this fun game is to get off before the sleeping occupants wake up and come to see what all the noise is. While the player technically loses if the occupant comes out of the room too early, the player may be able to get sex out of the occupant should it be an attractive female.
Guy 1: Dude I'm bored. What can we do?
Guy 2: Well we could always play knock knock.
Guy 1: Alright but this time I'm not going to my mom's door.
Guy 2: Fair enough.
by oh tee gee May 15, 2008
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slang for Jehova's Witnesses. Due to the fact that they come knocking on your door almost every damn saturday morning when ur trying to watch cartoons or eat breakfast. They feel compelled to interrupt your important free weekend morning by telling you about how god loves you and such.
I was beating off to some ill ass porn, then the knock-knocks came callin and I had to put the beef away. I got pissed, drew a pentagram on my forehead and answered with a massive boner, informing them that I had found solice in satan and blasphemy. I asked them if I could get back to having sex with this downs syndrome girl I had picked up at the bus stop. They haven't been back since.
by Destructive Criticism April 28, 2005
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"Knock. Knock." Is a term used primarily by hackers and they send them to their victims who they are about to swat usualy on Twitter or private message.
Knock. Knock.
by Sock pen October 1, 2016
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(Legal Idiom) The fault and consequences are bourne equally by all present parties.
My decision on the accident was knock for knock.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 9, 2004
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