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A character from the most fucked up show out today, Wonder Showzen. Not exactly the brightest bulb, Him speaks in third person and takes cooties sores off of his friends to sell as snack treats and line his own pockets. Likes to do the Animal Dance.
Him: Him think you look better than him ever seen you. (while speaking to Wordsworth who is laying in bed dying of cooties)

(Him eats a Cootie sore off of Wordsworth)
Wordsworth: Him, those are contagious!
Him: Contagiously...Delicious!

BTW, keep an eye out for Pizzalicious Chewties, coming soon!!!
by Destructive Criticism July 04, 2005
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slang for Jehova's Witnesses. Due to the fact that they come knocking on your door almost every damn saturday morning when ur trying to watch cartoons or eat breakfast. They feel compelled to interrupt your important free weekend morning by telling you about how god loves you and such.
I was beating off to some ill ass porn, then the knock-knocks came callin and I had to put the beef away. I got pissed, drew a pentagram on my forehead and answered with a massive boner, informing them that I had found solice in satan and blasphemy. I asked them if I could get back to having sex with this downs syndrome girl I had picked up at the bus stop. They haven't been back since.
by Destructive Criticism April 27, 2005
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Word used to assure a jewish chick that she does indeed wanna suck your sausage.
Jewish Girl: I wanna give you head, but I dunno....I have a boyfriend and...

Me: Look baby, my meat is Kosher, so eating me won't get your ortho ass in any trouble, now make with the dome!

Jewish Girl: *laughing* ok, you talked me into it!
by Destructive Criticism April 27, 2005
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