A Fresno girl who goes to school in OKC. Listens to 80s music. Likes parachute pants and various other weird things like only The Kewl would. Also a real smart-ass. Not very funny but she tries.
by Farmer Bob January 17, 2005
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how cartman pronounces "cool"
midgets are totally kewl!
mandriva linux is uber keeewwl!
by giggle-o June 30, 2012
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A more elated version of the word cool. Kewl is excited, happy and completely on board with what is being discussed with almost no further thought. It differs from Cool in that Cool is more detached and slightly unaffected like "hmmm, I'm thinking yeah...and I gotta think further about this". On the contrary, Kewl is when you are ready and raring to go!
What? You wanna Karaoke tonight?! Kewl!!! Let's do it!
by bklyngrl January 11, 2011
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It has been morphed into an apathetic cool, when you acknowledge their existence and words with the words, kewl, and move to another topic, leaving whatever was said behind, not caring, not missing out. A word to express your apathy.
Guy 1: And that's why you aren't friendless.
Guy 1: Kewl
by Random Word Definer September 5, 2022
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The coolest spelling of the word "cool." A great way to annoy those who are easily annoyed.
Yeah kewl.
by gtrdn66 December 22, 2010
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Kewl is how some people name 'cool' in slang. Or sometimes how they pronounce cool is like kewl. Cartman from South Park pronounces cool like kewl but in a longer, more annoying name.
South Park's Cartman pronounce cool like kewl. (K-ee-uh-el)
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 7, 2014
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