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A more elated version of the word cool. Kewl is excited, happy and completely on board with what is being discussed with almost no further thought. It differs from Cool in that Cool is more detached and slightly unaffected like "hmmm, I'm thinking yeah...and I gotta think further about this". On the contrary, Kewl is when you are ready and raring to go!
What? You wanna Karaoke tonight?! Kewl!!! Let's do it!
by bklyngrl January 10, 2011

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A syndrome sweeping the nation after being inundated with too much Sarah Palin. Signs of it's effect are nausea, irritability, annoyance and frustration. Sufferers frequently feel they must resort to leaving the online and television worlds for immediate relief as she can show up in any venue from national news, comedy, politics to entertainment.
Man - I got Palin Fatigue. If I see her face on one more book cover or reality show, I'm gonna hurl. She's everywhere!!! Aaah!!!!
by bklyngrl January 21, 2011

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