The Joe Rogan is an exquisite sandwich first crafted on a hot and humid summer evening in Northern Indiana. It was around the middle of the second decade of the 21st century when this awe inspiring sandwich came into this world. The Joe Rogan combines the exotic flavor profile of an American classic, the Sloppy Joe, and the undeniable deliciousness of the world renowned Perogie.

First, the Sloppy Joe is assembled (extra shloppy if you're into that sort of thing) minus the top bun. Then, anywhere from 1 to however many god damn Perogies you'd like are placed on top of that sloppy, saucy pile of meat. Add the top bun and you're ready to board the flavortown express. Or, spice things up a bit with some sauce or other condiments to your hearts desire.

Oh, and for you carb cutter's out there, simply omit the bun and you'll have yourself a nice Joe Rogan salad.
"Wow, The Joe Rogan is the best sandwich known to man"

"This Joe Rogan is delicious but it is filling"

"Oh man, this Joe Rogan sure is tasty"

"I caught a case of the meat sweats after my ninth Joe Rogan last night"
by hairypuma March 7, 2019
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looking at porn while your girlfriend is sleeping right beside you
"Dude, i Joe Rogan'd for about 3 hours last night."
by nate stahl November 28, 2006
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Is what happens when you smoke weed while getting your organs replaced with monkeys because you dumpster pumped too much
I think I have to Joe Rogan today
by IASBTY September 4, 2019
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Being A Professional Dick Rider Constantly on some ones nuts giving to much glory/prais when not deserved
Being a dick rider like joe rogan is on UFC ex: Guys wins a fight Joe Rogan says "Man ive never seen some one with such physique such talent just

look at how his biceps glisten in the light"
by B-0101-LvNv December 14, 2010
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A hilarious and enlightened subversive stand up comedian who carries on the torch of George Carlin and Bill Hicks.

He is well known as a color commentator for UFC and being the host of the reality game show Fear/Factor.

He got a lot of attention when he called out Carlos Mencia for stealing other comedians jokes and proving it.

He is an advocate of psychedelic drugs and a weed enthusiast.

He isTae Kwon Do blackbelt and champion and holds a
brownbelt in Jui Jitsu under Eddie Bravo.

He's a super badass motherfucker who's really funny.

"Dude, Joe Rogan told some annoying cunt in the audience who wouldn't shut up that he was gonna wrap his dick around her neck and start her up like a lawnmower!"
by DMTelf March 14, 2009
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