The IceCream also known as Conner.E or nicknamed Connoisseur (from the company brand)
Connoisseur is not small as being an IceCream, in fact he's like 9 foot 7 and has to kneel in the shower
He can sometimes have a short temper meaning he gets angry real quick and becomes really hot-headed and thus the IceCream melts.
He likes to be a boldy when he goes to the hairdressers he asked for 0.224 sized cut so he looks like an Egghead

He likes to attempt backflips whenever possible knowing he will fail them but he likes this because he gets to wear a moon boot which he thinks is "Very Stylish"

He is the God of IceCreams
He likes to bully people who are under 1 foot in height, people such as the Ant also know as Luke.D, he will yeet them into the locker until his heart is content.
Oi Connoisseur, chuck us some IceCream you egg-headed moon boot wielding prick
by Daniel K? August 16, 2019
Person 1: I'm having a really bad day.... :(
Person 2: Don't worry, try some icecream!
by ThatAnnoyingRat January 20, 2020
Getting cum in the ass outside in frigid temperatures
Me and the boys are getting icecreamed tonight. Wanna come?
by Stumphugger69 February 15, 2020

andrew:yo whats happenin thomas i see them new icecreams on your feet where you pick them up at?
pharrel-"see these icecubes see these icecreams"
by thomas December 4, 2004
A Slang Word Meaning Sex. Used When You Can't Or Would Preferably Not Like To Say It Out Loud. To Save The Innocence Of Children, Or To Keep Unwanted Party's Out Of Your Business.
L.J.B.III I Had A Bowl Of Icecream Last Night, With Extra Sprinkles, Fudge, And Whipped Cream. =
by Henry VII, May 25, 2008
Icecream refers to a persons nice shoes as in the song 'drop it like its hot' sung by Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams. Where Pharrel sings:

"See these icecubes? See these icecreams?"
"..See these icecreams?" he refers to his shoes in the video clip of the song.
by Instant body popper June 5, 2005