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Sexual position in which three or more people assemble single file, on all fours and place their faces in the person in front's butt cheeks. Each person in the chain then proceeds to deficate into the following person's mouth, with the last person ending the chain with their's falling to the floor.

Thus completing the Human Centipede.
Guy #1: Bro, picked up two hookers the other day and they asked me to be The human Centipede head.

Guy #2: What the fuck?! Did you do it?

Guy #1: ...
by Reke July 20, 2013
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When a man and a woman or any combination there of, enter the"69" position and while in the act of mutual oral intercourse, both parties release bowels.

This sexual maneuver is a combination of the "blumpkin" and the "dirty munchkin"
I engaged in the human centipede last night with a girl I met at the bar. I think she ate corn.
by Upgrad$de April 24, 2011
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Where a group, 3 or more, get on there hands and knees. Mouth to anus in a line, whilst giving and receiving a bodacious reach around.
My girl friend and her mom wanted to do (The human centipede), it was kinda shitty.
by Whyhat December 27, 2015
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