a comical way to describe H.I.V.
i aint gettin with that girl, she's probably got the hiv.
by alga February 11, 2007
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HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a terrible infection that often leads to AIDS. HIV attacks the human immune system and can damage it so badly that it is unable to work effectively. If left unchecked, HIV can seriously and permanently harm a person’s immune system. HIV can sometimes even lead to death.

HIV is quite common in gay or bisexual men. About 1 in 5 gay or bisexual men have HIV. Gay or bisexual men account for a large majority of HIV diagnoses as a whole, and over 80% of HIV diagnoses among males.

In short, if you’re a gay man then you’re much more likely to get HIV.

This is because gay or bisexual men often have anal sex with other men. Anal sex can cause anal fissures, which are basically cuts or tears to your anus which can get infected from ejaculation or other reasons.

There is no cure for HIV and the human body cannot get rid of it by itself. If you get infected with HIV then you will have HIV for the rest of your life. If HIV is not treated properly then it can develop into AIDS (which is also terrible).

HIV is ultimately quite uncommon among the U.S. population as a whole. Less than 1% of Americans have HIV. This is mainly because gay or bisexual men represent a small minority of the whole population.
Infections like HIV, AIDS, and HPV are much more likely to affect gay or bisexual men.
by Give me the truth September 21, 2019
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To be 'hivved' is to be sick, or to have HIV. Depending on the person and context, it can refer to the AIDS virus or just to illness in general.

Variations include 'hivved out'
"Hey man, you coming to football tonight?"

"No, sorry dude, I've been hivved all weekend"
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Stands for "Human immunodeficiency virus". contrary to some idiot's beliefs, it was not given to us by the homosexual community. It is believed to originated in Africa from a mutated form of a virus in a diseased monkey. We dont actually know how it came about. It is widely accepted that HIV causes AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) but becuase we cannot do experiments to prove this (due to morality issues) the African government can claim that there is no evidence supporting this hypothesis and does not have to supply medicine for its citizens.
"Yo my friend just found out that he has HIV, he's gonna try to keep it from becoming AIDS with medicine but the crap thing is that he got it from his girlfriend so they both have it"
by Toppy December 11, 2005
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As in H.I.V.; one step closer to AIDS.
Vagiquita, I got the 'HIV' in my belly and I's ain't lyin'.

Ohhhh, Shaniqua, you's a nasty niggah. Stop triflin', niggah. Shoot.
by Chuck Alan Poindexter November 12, 2004
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HIV is a virus that attacks and destroys the bodies immune system resulting in AIDS. With care and treatment, the progression of HIV to AIDS can slow down. HIV can be transmitted through semen including precum, blood, breast milk, and vaginal fliuds. People now can live longer with HIV, it is no longer a death sentence. To prevent the spread of HIV, get tested, and use latex condoms, avoid sharing needles if you are an injection drug user.
HIV is a deadly virus that can be prevented when we be responsible
by DeMarkest April 16, 2008
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Dude 1: Did u attend the HIV fundraising campaign last nite?
Dude 2: Dunno that mate! You kno, my best pal JW Bush's father when he was born decided he didn't want a kid. So, he injected him with the HIV virus. He was 9 years old with 11 months to live. He is a senior at my middle school 2day still alive and kicking. He lives just like a normal kid would. I want to support his cause and spread the word, Hope Is Vital, not the virus.
by Quan Cao Tien July 1, 2010
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