The disease Hepatitis (either A, B or C) and referring to having the latter.
Did you hear that Candice has the Hep? Yeah, gross!
by *elle* November 27, 2006
The chant used by Anette Olzon, lead singer of Finnish symphonic band Nightwish, to get the audience into songs. It originally started out as simply "HEY!" but it soon morphed into her iconic HEP HEPs!
Formed from the HEP HEPs, there is a HEP HEP Army, which is joined by simply chanting "HEP! HEP! HEP! HEP!" during an appropriate time in a Nightwish song.
"And one more time, come on and HEP! HEP!"
"I went to a Nightwish concert last night: I joined the HEP HEP Army!"
"I love Anette's HEP HEPs: they really get the audience going!"
by QFNWM July 11, 2009
where hip came from, originated around the 50's and 60's
SKA kids use it
by kayla. July 5, 2005
A word used in southern california mid 60's early 70's a word/expression meaning of: In full and total agreement of:,to go along with,To:Agree,Concur.
dude#1:Oh man! that car looks like a piece of S#!T! dude#2:I'm hep!(2) dude#1:hey man,I'm thinking about going down to mickey dee's for a quarter pounder you hep?dude#2:I'm hep to it(3)dude#1:Wow!that looks so cool the way everything is arranged dude#2:I'm hep to that!.
by mikel t August 26, 2006
old timey black-american slang meaning hip, cool. used alot by cab calloway as in "are you hep to the jive?". i have that CD, by the way.
by dagger_grrl November 2, 2003
someone who knows the score. someone who understands 'jive talk'. someone who is 'with it'. the expression is not subject to definition because, if you don't 'dig' what it means, no one can ever tell you.
he was hep to the New York junk scene, so he could score for it easily.
by pleased to meet you April 10, 2006
1.Keenly aware of or knowledgeable about the latest trends or developments.
2.Very fashionable or stylish.
Hey, I'm hep to that!
by Tony Firefaces September 13, 2005