The new vocalist of the symphonic metal band, Nightwish. She is a soprano and was previously in a 1980's metal band called Alyson Avenue. She currently lives in Sweden with her husband and son. She has only done one album with Nightwish so far, entitled "Dark Passion Play", which was released on September 28th, 2007.
Anette Olzon is a natural soprano.
by Crimrose November 18, 2007
Anette Olzon is the new female vocalist in the Finnish power metal band Nightwish. She was in the band Alyson Avenue previously. Alyson Avenue is a ROCK band not metal.
Anette OlzonNightwishVocalist
by Aanyka August 12, 2009
Anette Olzon (married name is Anette Blyckert) is the lead vocalist of the symphonic metal band, Nightwish, and replaced Tarja Turunen after Turunen was fired in 2005. Her identity was kept secret until May 2007, and she has thus far done only one album, "Dark Passion Play", with Nightwish.

She lives with her husband and son in Sweden, and is the ex-vocalist of the 80's metal band, Alyson Avenue, releasing two albums while with them. She has also been in a rock-opera group and several other music acts.
by Crimrose November 23, 2007