This is when a guy sticks his left ball into a girls butt hole and tickles her stomach to make her tense up. If the guy's left ball pops out, it can be assumed that an early Spring is on the horizon. If the nut stays in the butt hole, it will surely be a long, long winter.
"I gave her The Ground Hog to see how long this winter will be."
by ahenningsen13 January 28, 2009
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a term used for the exact moment when your turd begins to exit your ass but you squeeze your cheeks together to make it go back in, only to find moments later, it starts to sneek back out, much like a ground hog sticking it's head out to look around.
"Damn, where the hell is the bathroom?! I feel like I'm ground hogging!!!"
by Mimi Woodhaven July 07, 2006
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when you have to shit really bad and the shit keeps on sticking its head out like a ground hog in the ground
Dad, stop the car! I have to shit so bad it's groundhogging!
by gHeFaGaSs69 8====> February 23, 2003
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Similar to "prairie-dogging": When a turd leaves it's nest, sees it's shadow, and runs back in. This is a precursor to the "turtle-head", and should not be taken lightly. Short yet expedited steps in the direction of the nearest toilet facility are recommended immediately. A post-evac check of the surrounding areas will signal a possible 6 week extension of gastrointestinal discomfort.
Jay- "dude its like the stage before ... like its not prairie dogging yet...its like right before that."

Greg- "Oh! So its ground-hogging ! It popped out saw its shadow and ran back up in there."
by Klamakazi February 18, 2010
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when you have to take a huge shit, and you are at a place where you cant. The shit resembles a ground hog as it constantly pokes in and out of your ass.
Dude you have to pull over, I have a major ground hog here!!!
by Sal Costanzo January 03, 2004
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When you have to poop really bad, but you are forced to hold it, and you feel like you are about to poop yourself.
The next bathroom isn't for an hour, and I'm already ground-hogging
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another name for an abnormally small wang
dude i saw jimmy in the showers, hes a freakin ground hog.
by Shad Barley March 09, 2008
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