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The Beatles.

End of story. They totally defined rock music for the entire world and still remain influential and popular forty years after the fact. No other band could ever come close to their greatness.
John Lennon - rhythm guitar and vocals
Paul McCartney - bass guitar and vocals
George Harrison - lead guitar and vocals
Ringo Starr - drums and vocals
The Greatest Band of All Time's songs include:
A Hard Day's Night, Ticket to Ride, Eleanor Rigby, Blackbird, Yesterday, Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Come Together, Here Comes the Sun, and Let It Be
by Kate_Monster June 19, 2009
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Led Zeppelin

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones

no words can describe them... they're that good
Stairway To Heaven, Kashmir, Communication Breakdown, Dazed And Confused, Houses Of The Holy, Trampled Under Foot, Over The Hills And Far Away, In My Time Of Dying, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love, Ramble On, Rock & Roll, Since I've Been Loving You, Immigrant Song, When The Levee Breaks, Ramble On, Gallows Pole, Achilles Last Stand, Custard Pie, The Rover, No Quarter, Going To California, Misty Mountain Hop, The Ocean, The Lemon Song, What Is And What Should Never Be, Hey Hey What Can I Do.........songs by the greatest band of all time
by xoxoroxkkixassxoxo October 28, 2008
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Alice in Chains, of course.

Layne Staley-vocals
Jerry Cantrell-guitar
Mike Inez-bass
Sean Kinney-drums
AiC is undisputedly the greatest band of all time. Listen to Rooster or Down in a Hole and tell me they don't rock this world.
by b-razzle August 04, 2006
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