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A caucasian male, typically ages 15 - 24.

A Bro prefers Birkenstock sandals, polo or rubgy shirts (typically with the collar popped), and baseball caps with a pre-frayed brim for their usual attire. Bros are attracted by shops such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Abercromie, and other similar outfitters.

Musical tastes typical for a Bro include Dave Matthews Band, Oasis, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Travis. Bros will also, on occasion, listen to the latest rap, and on even more rare occasions, punk rock.

Bros will incessantly use "Chill," "Bro," and "Sweet" in their conversations. "Cheah" seems to be a mispronunciation of "Yeah," typical of bro culture. "Mad" is typically used to emphasize adjectives of certain things - this is often used in conjunction with "Chill."

At parties, bros tend to cluster together. They always travel in packs, constantly referring to their fellow-bros as their wingman. They enjoy drinking copius quantities of beer and rating women based on their physical attributes.

If Dave Matthews Band comes to your city, expect bros to be out in large numbers. Proper bro repellent includes emo behavior, excessively loud grunge metal, a shortage of beer, and to constantly be in a state of high stress.

See Bro Rape for more information; however, this definition is 100% accurate as I am a kid who trys to fit in as a bro.
====Everyday speech====
<Bro 1>: Wassap bro?
<Bro 2>: Not much bro, I'm chillin. You know me.
<Bro 1>: Sweet bro. You goin to that party tonight? Me and the bros will be drinkin beers and smashin queers.
====At a party====
<Bro 1>: Hey bro will you wingman me on that babe over there?
<Bro 2>: Damn straight bro. Get on that ish, she's a legit 10. Like mad hot.
====In a mall====
<Bro 1>: Hey bro, did you see that chill new salmon-colored destroyed pique-polo over in Abercrombie?
<Bro 2>: Cheah bro. It was sweet. It was mad chill.
====Dicussing music====
<Bro 1>: Hey bros, you hear that new single from Oasis?
<Bro 2>: Cheah bro, but I still like Wonderwall.
<Bro 3>: I've been too busy listening to Wiz Kahlifa and Lil Wayne recently... they're like mad good, bros.
<Bro 4>: Cheah damn straight bro. Have I told you bros that I'm totally in love with blink-182 right now? Adam's Song is, like, really deep.
<Bro 1>: True dat.
by Chad_Bro_Chill11 November 14, 2008
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Rage Against the Machine. Enough said.
"He may be brave new contender for this relationship should he abandon his obedience to white liberal doctrine and nonviolence, and embrace black nationalism. Through counterintelligence it should be possible to pinpoint potential troublemakers, and neutralize them."

"Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite: all of which are American dreams."

"Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!"

"Shackled our minds when we're left on the cross; When ignorance reigns, life is lost!"

"Wherever somebody's strugglin' for a place to stay, for a decent job or a helping hand. Wherever somebody's strugglin' to be free, look in their eyes ma, you'll see me!"

Poser talking about Rage Against the Machine: "Dude. Rage Against the Machine is the greatest band of all time. I love Killing in the Name and Bulls on Parade. I play them all the time on Guitar Hero and I think their DJ is so sick for the record scratching he can do."

Actual fan and activist: "You're such a fucking poser. Shut the fuck up and take a stand, that's what Rage is trying to convey in their music. By the way, you're a total fucking dipshit for thinking they have a DJ. Tom Morello is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, guitarists of all time and he does every single 'record scratch' and 'keyboard' solo on every single song. Although I do have to agree, they are the greatest band of all time."
by Chad_Bro_Chill11 January 15, 2009
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