A Blue flavored slushie plus watermelon vodka = the grape.

my new favorite way to get fucked up.
I was drinking The Grape all night and now i'm throwing up bright blue.
by slutfarm June 17, 2007
purple weed- purp
good tasting weed
weed that is dark in color
i'm gettin me some grapes tonight
by cali-babe February 19, 2005
Typically used as on god, but instead grape. Used when you're talking about how it really be sometimes.
Example 1: On grape dis is fax B.
Example 2: On grape it really b lik this sometimes
by dankestofemall February 28, 2019
Why the fuck are you searching the definition for a grape on urban dictionary. It’s a fucking fruit what more clarification do you need
Idiot: hey, what is a grape
Dumbass: idk let’s search for it on urban dictionary
by Karen Chungus February 7, 2019
Yay Area Slanguage for marijuana aka cannibus sativa aka bomb aka chronic aka ganja aka mary jane aka puff aka weed aka sticky icky icky aka etc. etc. etc.
by samsonhussein October 29, 2006