A highly concentrated pheromone usually found in cologne or perfume, when applied to the nape of the neck, even in minuscule amounts, the scent will cause the opposite sex to become incredibly aroused with sexual passion and desire.
In Ocean's Thirteen, The Gilroy is when Matt Damon's character, Linus Caldwell (posing as Lenny Pepperidge in disguise), sets up Ellen Barkin's character, Abigail Sponder for seduction; and consequently ends up stealing the diamonds.
by MTF August 6, 2008
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Small squirrel-like quasi-intelligent human who easily climbs shelving, racks, or other humans. Often mistaken for Pee-wee Herman, Gremlins or the Grinch who stole Christmas.
Customer: Who was that little man who came by last week?

Rep: Oh, that was the Gilroy... sorry about that he was dropped as a child
by Ackey Arches March 30, 2012
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Gilroy is a A town/city in the South Bay under San Jose, most people here sleep then commute to the valley just to hold on to their 9-5 jobs. More housing suburbs rather then companies. As I was raised here I can say pretty safe town. Most people won’t know where you live so you say near San Francisco anyways it’s like 2 hours away. Gilroy High sucks with all the latinas fighting for their shitty bf in the hallways. Christopher high is where all the rich suburban whites go and where your soul goes to die. Are fun is to go to in-in-out while your high off your ass. The gilroy outlets are filled with teenagers that never had a job. Pretty boring outlets ngl, the town is made up of whites and Mexicans. Known for Garlic and wineries which screams middle aged mom that shops at Nob Hill for fun. The people who dream bigger normally get out because rent is so goddam high. Getting drunk or high is something to be proud of here. Gavilan college sucks that’s where all the failed teachers spend there dying days. Gilroy gardens is for little kids and to get food poisoning by a underpaid teen worker serving food. The people who love it here normally have 5 kids and 408 for life in there Instagram captions. At least we are 30min away from Santa Cruz mountains and near beaches. San Jose will force gilroy to grow due to how expensive cost of living is. People like to flex how much they pay for rent here.
Gilroy Yeah bro I only pay 2,500 for a one bedroom, bro that’s nothing I pay 3,000 for a one bedroom with a bathroom and it’s near a 7-eleven. Damn bro…. You have it good…
by Dontbeme July 25, 2021
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where all the beaners live
he man dont go to gilroy thats where all the beaners are at!
by epod March 9, 2007
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A 'Gilroy' is a party game or an acronym for for a group-gangbang. For a good gilroy, you need the following items:
- at least 3 women
- at least 9 men
- bottles of Whiskey or other alcoholic drinks
- time
- a room
- a guy with a camcorder (optional)
It's a sex (gangbang) game. For a gilroy, you need at least three women and nine men who wants to make love. Every man who cums needs to get a ten minutes (or longer) break and drink some whiskey. After the drink he has to change the woman. Usually, a gilroy has no time limits. The last man standing has won the match.
by The Founder of The Gilroy September 1, 2011
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The act of failing on a guaranteed scoring chance, by either falling down on your own, or completely losing control of the puck for no reason at all.
He should have scored on that breakaway, but he pulled a gilroy and fell down on the blueline.
by VanceB August 27, 2009
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dat .::¤*BEAUTIFUL*¤::. Garlic Town Putting it down for the G-TOWN.. GILROY,CALI Baby.. DOIN ITS THING..
"Gilroy Be the Hottest Town in the BAY!
by Beautiful Ladybug October 17, 2006
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