The nose, when dealing with powder form intoxicants such as cocaine.
Tony: You wanna cook this shit or what?

Lito: Let's put it in the garbage.
by Randy Folds October 31, 2007
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something to say when you have nothing else to insult with
youre garbage, kid
by j-rob mad fresh April 9, 2010
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Wow, This game is so garbage . "Yeah we should stop playing Fortnite"
by ThatGuyFranklin' July 19, 2018
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1. Discarded or useless material
2. Disliked object or person

See "trash"
1. This computer is garbage now that I've messed it up.

2. Your ideas are nothing but garbage
by theplant October 16, 2003
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Alternative Rock band. Greatest, most talented band to come to life. Members include Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker. They formed in 1994 in Madison, Wisconsin. Albums include: Garbage, Version 2.0, Beautiful Garbage, Bleed Like Me, Absolute Garbage. Genuine talented band with many hits.
Know of any good rock bands?
Yeah, i suggest Garbage. They're fantastic!
by VanessaGarbage September 13, 2010
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