the ultimate goddess, supreme queen of rock and roll and lead singer of the alternative band Garbage
All hail Shirley Manson!
by Angelfishey June 3, 2003
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Singer and actress from Scotland. And a better shag than Jessica Simpson.
Shirley Manson: "But I was just thinking, while I’m singing ‘Run Baby Run,’ there are so many cute girls in the front row, just absolutely gorgeous girls. And I want to thank you for being here instead of at a fucking Jessica Simpson show.

Now, I may not be as young or cute, but I am a lot smarter, and I guarantee you, I’m a much better shag."
by hannessensens July 22, 2009
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Hottest woman in the world. Best singing voice, too. Singer in bands such as Garbage and Angelfish.
Damn, I'd really like to fuck Shirley Manson.
by Suvy March 28, 2004
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