A position in each friend group that needs to be fulfilled

Julia is the funny friend in the group, she makes us laugh”
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The hilarious one in every group that will stay single forever because is scared of commitment, they'll laugh their way through all life's worries! ...And cry in private...
"I'm the boring friend, Sam is the wild friend and tommy is the funny friend"
by Perfectandweknowit_ December 24, 2021
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A funny friend is the person in the squad who no one actually likes. They only keep them around to make them laugh, so the funny friend is usually depressed because no one is an actual friend.
"Who is thatm I've never seen them before"
"Oh don't worry about then, they are just the funny friend"
by ThatsAFagRightThere August 27, 2019
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To deal with PRSD (post relationship stress disorder), funny friends describes a rebound status with your ex in a more casual and emotionally sound manner.
Man, Karen and I broke up... but quarantine got us lonely and now we’re funny friends.
by Billiam69420 August 26, 2020
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