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The loyal, dedicated fans of Avenged Sevenfold. A fan who will always stay true to the band through thick and thin, whether they be a new fan or old might consider themselves one of The Fallen.
No example for The Fallen. See above.
by The Fallen December 30, 2005
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When a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the tweet it was replying to, usually indicating the unpopularity or stupidity of the original tweet
Damn you got 12 likes and his reply got 271 likes? He totally ratioed you bro
by FF29 July 06, 2020
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The Fallen is an organization akin to that of a government. Their goal is to become the common enemy to unite the world.
Have you heard about The fallen?
by December 15, 2020
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TheFallen is a being of power filled with all the power within the dead. No matter how much you kill TheFallen they will come back. They are the very being of the judge and chaos.
If you try to kill TheFallen it will come back and bitch slap you
by TheFallen_US July 06, 2018
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Alien scavengers. Made up of Eliksni and robots. Within the fallen are multiple houses, like The house of Wolves and the House of Kings. Their homeworld was destroyed, and they now inhabit Old Russia and The European Dead Zone.
The fallen are scavenging my ship for parts, ripping out all my engines.
by n_u_m_l_o_k September 06, 2020
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