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The Facebook Hypocrite is that one person that we all have on Facebook who preaches about annoying things people do in their statuses, but proceeds to do the same annoying things on a daily basis. This can range from writing long statuses about simple life problems and then complaining about people writing long statuses about simple life problems, to telling people to get off Facebook and "get a life" while sitting on Facebook and analyzing what everyone on Facebook is doing.
Girl's Facebook Status: "people who post things "2 minutes ago" "4 minutes ago" "8minutes ago" ALL DAY LONG! Get out and do something."

Girl: *Becomes "The Facebook Hypocrite" by posting numerous statuses every few hours about something new in her day while sharing photos from Facebook pages and her cell phone every 10 minutes or so while complaining that people are on Facebook too much.*
by Lucifer's Lasagna November 25, 2013
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