A game similar to Counter-Strike that is not so great by itself, but with the combination of clans and clanwars is an extremly awesome game. Clans use a voice chat program called "Teamspeak" to communicate which is much better than the voice chat built into Counter-Strike. So overall, it's a fun game. Buy it. Now.
by Carter C. May 7, 2004
A FPS shooter that has a multitude of weapons in which you can use to kill noobs with, but the best of all must be the Parker Hale. When someone hears you pull the trigger, they know what gun the shot came from. Now complete with laser tripping explosives, and a FAMAS.
dajackal: Whats with all the n00b$?
ArmandoTheGreat: Don't worry, I'll boot 'em
(Types in over 12,000 codes which causes freshmen players to blow up instantly)
Maciej: Time to BEAST!!!
Stolen: Pwned.
(Snipes all three of them in the head)
by Stolen February 22, 2005