a rare one of a kind species found in the city of Half Moon Bay. This species is red in the face, very white, fat and round.
"HAHA its The Egg."
by Hoe and Beau April 17, 2003
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Trans slang for a person who hasn't realized they're trans yet. Usually they show telltale behavior of a trans person despite not knowing, like 'ironically' crossdressing or writing shitty fanfiction about trans people. The word comes from the idea that they haven't "cracked out of their shell", like an egg.
Some egg in my drama class just asked me what bottom surgery is.
by Your_Mother_ January 21, 2019
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A person who doesn't realize they are transgender yet, or is in denial; an undeveloped transgender person. When they realize, it's referred to as the "egg cracking."
"They've been asking a lot about hormone therapy, I think they might be an egg."
by ♥🗺☠ June 09, 2021
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An egg is a New Zealand slang word for someone who is acting like a dumbass, clown or an idiot. However it is used as a nicer way of saying such things. A recent Kiwi movie called "Boy" uses this word several times. It also could be used instead of saying dick. "stop being a dick, bro"
Stop being an egg, bro
by RohamaNz July 10, 2010
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