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The Earnhardt is a sexual tactic that involves the tight rolling-up of a Dale Earnhardt souvenier T-Shirt, inserting one end into a woman's vagina and the other into her rectum, in equal proportions. Once completely inserted at both ends, so that only a fraction of shirt is showing from vagina to anus, the exposed fabric is pinched and held tightly. The woman is then instructed to lay flat on the carpet, legs wide open and pull herself forward. As she does this, she slowly removes the shirt from within her as it is being firmly held and eventually brings herself to climax.

A derivative of this is "The Angry Earnhardt" where after removal, the other party proceeds to whip the woman's back with the vaginal secretion and fecal matter soaked t-shirt.
After the Daytona 500 I took MaryBeth-Anne to the trailer and gave her an The Earnhardt. She lurved it.
by ArsenalArmada February 15, 2008
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The skid mark left on a woman's belly from tit fucking her.
"Dude! So I finally tit fucked that skank from the bar and I totally gave her The Earnhardt!"
by Madaxel122 September 28, 2012
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