Mexican state where Pancho Villa was born.
Pancho Villa is a mexican hero, he was born in Durango, Mexico
by Aztek May 31, 2005
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Durango, the original Durango, is in Bizkaia, in the Basque Country. One of the few place-names that the Spanish didn't change --- so there!
Jimmy: Let's go to Bilbao tonight.
Iker: Nah. Fuck that. There's better shit goin down in Durango.
by Johnneeeeeeeeeee May 19, 2008
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Small city in La Plata county in southwestern Colorado. Durango was a mining town, and the tourist industry keeps them alive today.
Durango, CO has the Durango & Silverton railroad for people to ride in the summer months.
by djscrizle July 14, 2005
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weed, bikes, breweries, the train, homeless people, tourists, athletic people, and hippies... oh god, so many hippies
"I'm on a train, #durango!" "I met a homeless man, #durango!" "Dude, i got more weed from the hippies #durango tight
by CringyBruhMoment April 29, 2019
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A state located in the North of Mexico. They have hands down the best food, music EVERYTHING. Oh & don't forget the girls. All the girls from Durango are baddies.
Friend : Aye when are you going to Durango.
Me: Hopefully this summer, I can't wait to get me a bad bitch.
by Durangonigga June 7, 2017
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A kick-ass truck manufactured by Dodge that in most cases sports a 4.7, 5.2, 5.7, or 5.9 Liter V8.

Most often seen driven by people intelligent enough to choose it over the popular Ford Exploder.
Dude, my Durango can take out your whimpy 'Stang any day!
by IRT-Captain July 11, 2005
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Teen slang: Meaning 'Gay Mexican Cowboy'
Did you see Joey? I think he's a Durango now.
by Greggyboi69 September 5, 2019
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