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Describes low key sites on the web or unknown content on a well known site that is weird in nature and/or extremely hard, if not impossible, to understand why such content even exists.
The term curiosity killed the cat applies well with this term-and let me tell you, the deep web will show that not only was the cat killed, but subject to things I could be sent to jail for if I were to describe them on a site like UD.

My friend ventured into the deep web on an acid trip, and now thinks Chim Chim from Speed Racer is out to rape and kill him.
by GaaraoftheDamned January 21, 2014
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The majority if the internet is found here. This can easily be accessed by using the Tor browser and unlike what most people sag, this is not run by "evil cults", " pedophiles" or homicidal maniac. The reputation is an example of how much power the government has as people believe that without laws people have no morals, which is equally bullshit as one who bases their morality off of the bible or quaron. The deep web is where the dankest an most most edgy of us lie, also there is actually a fully operating fixed version of YouTube here. If you really follow the laws because of surveillance and fear if punishment then you are one pussy ass bitch who lacks a moral compass. Be a good person for the sake of a good person, do not let the government determine YOUR modality. Tor is the Ring of Gyges, wear it as a moral example of humanity. The people control the deep web, and if evil is found here then the people get rid of it, for example most people on the deep web do not want drug deals or child porn on the web, and they will take down those sites when needed. The deep web is here because the main web failed when it succumbed to marketing and surveillance.
You can not find mystery boxes on the deep web, those YouTube videos are bullshit. The YouTube channel called "chills" is also bullshit.
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by Caye_Daws December 18, 2018
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