Yet another useless unfunny dumb word ruining a til tok comment section
by ur mommy’s big bittys March 31, 2022
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Adjective: Crop is used to define behaviors or people that are lame, whack, sneaky or otherwise unpleasant to the observer
My homeboys left me at the house when they went to Miami, they crop as a b***h yo.
by KaliGarden March 4, 2021
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Organic marajuana. Pesticides are not used on this type of marajuana. Also incorporated with the word "dig"
"Sup bruh you want me to dig you up some crops??"

"Nigga stop diggin' on my crops!!"
by holdmiester May 23, 2008
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(v) take someone out the picture; injure; chop someone's legs (in a game).
he wa puttin his nose in my business so I went an cropped that fool
by Fineyo December 31, 2015
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cropped (past tense verb) - to crop someone from a photograph; can also be used in present tense: when one has a photograph that is an unusually good picture of one, but, unfortunately, also includes someone else that is either ugly; someone that one does not like; or, in the case of using the picture for myspace/facebook profile picture purposes, simply in the way
Look, you're my friend, but I totally cropped you from that graduation picture - I needed it for my facebook profile!

If Brittany weren't in this picture, it would be awesome. I guess I'll have to crop her ugly-ass face out.

I look awesome in that picture we took at the bar last night, but I'm going to have to crop James from the picture - I can't stand him anymore!
by J.J.098658 March 6, 2009
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One's hair, or hairstyle. Your "do".
"Yo man, whatchwrong wit yo crop!" or "I went to Cost Cutters and got this wicked crop."
by The Squeasel August 27, 2003
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