The elite technique of masturbating with the inside of your knee.

Bernie: Oh shit, you hear about Shomari?
Conor: What about him?
Bernie: He got admitted to the hospital for an ACL tear.
Conor: What the fuck, how?
Bernie: He mastered the crow and attempted the cricket. Poor kids a dumbass.
by Unpalpable March 6, 2009
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When you first get into a cold bed, under the covers and start rubbing your legs together to get warm
I'm doing the cricket
by warwagon1979 December 29, 2016
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The Cricket is the act of a man run his hard on down a leg of his pants. He then must put one thigh over the other, his hard on between his legs. Then, in the fasion of a cricket, move your leg that is ontop across the leg (and hard on) beneath it. Meant for inconspicuious masturbation in public places
Dude, johnny thought he was hiding it but I saw him doin the cricket during class. He was goin at it pretty hard
by ~MoonScythe~ June 29, 2010
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A technique for eating out a girl. Very rapid tongue movements create extreme pleasure. You can tell if a person is capable of this if they can move there tongue fast enough to create a noise. It feels amazing, they use it as a special privilege, not all girls are lucky enough to experience it.
Jeff-Dude, how was your night with the girlfriend.
Greg- Dude, I gave her the cricket, I thought she earned it.
by Will Frankson March 4, 2008
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Meaning for something to be dodgy, wrong, or unfair.

Based on Cricket being a gentlemen's game, fair play is expected.
dude 1: My wife cheated on me with like six other men. :(
dude 2: That's just not cricket man! :S
by Bad wolf chesslover October 20, 2007
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The sound of silence. In wilderness areas during the still of the night, all that can be heard is the sound of crickets chirping.
"I asked him where things stand on the contract. All I heard was.... (crickets)."
"She promised to give me a progress report last week. Since then --- *crickets* "
by WmB December 22, 2013
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A game of skill and gentlemanly conduct where everyone hates the Australians equally.
Not those Aussie cunts again!
by Michael Atherton August 25, 2003
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