An immensely loud "Horror Punk" band from Vallejo, CA. Members consist of; Edgar Blood - Guitar and Vocals, Brian Vain - Bass and Vocals, and Stewie O' Corpses - Drums and Vocals. Started in mid 2005 and going on still. Heavily Influenced by The Misfits, even covering their song Astro Zombies
Dude 1: The Corpses are REALLY loud!
Dude 2: What!?
by 21towin May 5, 2008
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Choke me, like you hate me
But you love me
Lowkey, wanna date me
When you fuck me
Touch me with the lights off, and my chains on
Baby, I'm not the right one you should wait on
CORPSE is a softy but I would let him choke me like he hates me.

CORPSE chokes Sykkuno like he hates him but he loves him.
by SydBalls November 9, 2020
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prostitute,witness for the state,any opposing business,your boss,and that kid down the street that moved away at six years of age and now 10 years later his parents still live in the same house.....

my dad always said about a corpse "you wont have to worry about some one telling if you dont get rid of it before it starts smelling"
by INSANE1323 June 9, 2009
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From the theater: to laugh uncontrollably and not be able to stop. (Source: Cate Blanchette on the 12/04/06 Tonight Show). Wikipedia defines it as follows: "Corpsing is a theatrical slang term used to describe when an actor breaks character during a scene - usually by laughing or forgetting his or her lines, or by causing another cast member to do so. Though the origin of the term is unknown, it refers to almost literally murdering the scene.

A BBC TV program on 18 November 2006 stated an opinion that the term "corpsing" originated when there was a corpse on stage, acted by a living actor: there was sometimes a tendency to try to make that actor laugh."
"Hugo Weaving was in a production of King Lear and he could just sat there corpsing."
by Tom McNamee December 5, 2006
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very high or drunk; cannot move; just corpsed
wow after that blunt lastnight i was corpsed
by Eric clarke August 9, 2006
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