This is the day the gods were born, anyone born on this day is better, stronger and better looking than you
when we’re the gods born ?
On 18 November
guy 1 “homies, you know what day it is?”
guy 2 “18 november
guy “its fuck you’r homies day
by the133226262 November 18, 2020
National Boy Bestfriend Apreciation Day!

Your boy bestfriend is like your other half. They are always there for you, your bestest wingman and an annoying dumbass. They are so great they can be also known as your Flashcard-Buddie
November 18 is National Boy Bestfriend Day!!!
by iNational Day! October 18, 2019
Kiss,hug,ect. With your crush/girlfriend or boyfriend
Eww why u hug me?
It’s November 18 dumb ass
by Julissa..xx October 18, 2019
Oh shit she’s a badass bitch”
“Yeah she was born on November 18”
by Anime lovers November 1, 2019
November 18 is the day when you slap a bitch we hate or that hates us because fuck them
Girl 1: *slaps someone*. Girl 2: owww why’d you do that. Girl 1: cause your a bitch and it’s November 18 duh
by Lissag523 November 16, 2019