The original Compound is located in Chapelgate, Dublin, Ireland and is simply known as "The Compound".

Compounds are the abodes of young affluent "Compoundians".

Compounds usually resemble old, old fort like structures with *HIGH* walls & security gates. Security is key. Some Compounds are known to employ an advanced "shard of glass" protection system whereby pieces of glass are embedded into the summits of the above mentioned *HIGH* walls to act as a deterrence to any "have a go Compoundians" (sometimes referred to as "peasants" or just plain knackers).

Compoundians all over the world enjoy a strict regime of being better than "you" while suggesting that you "deal with it". All this is done from the secure confines that only a Compound can truly offer.

Over the course of time Compoundians have inevitably begun to construct their own speech patterns. Sometimes illegible, but always vaunting, common examples of Compoundian dribble is shown below.

Although no crime has ever been committed in any Compound since their founding (historians believe the year zero B.C i.e. Before Compound), punishment for other "Compound Offences" is still widely tolerated and indeed actively encouraged within its *High* walls. Punishable offences include 1) Illegal entry into a Compound and 2) Denying the occurrence of the Compound.

Punishment regularly includes, but is not limited to: Sullying, where the names of offenders are besmirched all over the Hamptons.
"Look at me...I'm covered in glory"

"Hallo (Formal Compound Roll™ ©) So good to meet you...lovely weather we're having"

"All is well in The Compound...naturally"

For more information please contact
by The Compound Head Scribe February 14, 2008
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A rather modest, inconspicuous Parish or vicarage cottage renovated by a nouveau riche family and pretentiously called a "compound" as part of their delusion - since a REAL residential compound requires several houses within a property!
"Lets go to the compound and get binned... laaad"
"im celebrating my birthday at the compound"
"Fat-shits love the Compound"

"My Compound reminds of Chequers" (delusional spoilt son)
Facebook status: "Compound for the weekend"
by J.F. Kennedy JR April 23, 2011
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A person so dense that their stupidity has compounded ages over.
Did you ever meet the new guy?, Yea! his compoundence knows no bounds!
by superjunaid February 23, 2017
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an apartment complex in either an urban or suburban area

where 98% of the people there smoke cigs, smoke weed,

drink alot, take acid or shrooms, pop pills, do coke, take e's,

ect. most of the people either listen to metal, reggae, or rap.

lots of baby drama, lot of pregnant women, fights, partys,

and slutty yet mostly hot women, that you'd be better off

wearing a condom for. the police get called down alot and

little kids always hang out in the streets here. basicly an

urban or suburban version of a trailer park.
guy1: what you do this weed end
guy2: i went to a party at the compound and got fucked

up on bacardi and jd, then smoked some chronic, got in a
fight, fucked some drunk chick, took took some mollie
and woke up in some random persons house.
guy: damn why didnt you invite me
by 503forlife August 18, 2010
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1. In linguistics, a compound is a lexeme (a word) that consists of more than one other lexeme.

2. In the Mafia, The compound is where the Don, immediate family, and perhaps a boss, resides. Highly secured by the family.
1. doghouse

2. Aye Paulie, Ralphie needs a follow back from the compound. His meeting with Don Ron didn't go so well...
by Josh Chapman November 10, 2007
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A compound is where you find religious whackos who deserve to be executed by the US government. If you ever start a religious movement, please, for the love of all that is holy don't call yourselves a cult or your church a compound.
1. Jim Jones' followers in Guyana all died together in their compound.

2. The BATF burned the Branch Davidian Compound to the ground, killing all the women and children in the process.
by ButtSmoothie August 28, 2009
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Like in chemistry a chemical bond between two items.. A compound is like soul mates.
'Woah Jane and Mike are a compound'
'I know they are made for eachother!'
by BettyTom October 05, 2007
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