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When a man, or "woman's" dick is so big he or "she" wraps it around you and squeezes 'till they cum. They then rub it into your chest and face just like lotion.
Kyle: Hey Paul, what did you do with your son over the weekend?

Paul: Oh nothing, just gave Lavester a good 'ol rundown of The Cobra!
by CobraMasterK March 02, 2011
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This is when you stick your balls on top of your penis and walk around saying to random people "The Cobra, it's gonna get ya". This can also lead to a snake bite.
Holy crap, this freak was walking around campus with his balls on top of his cock saying "the cobra, it's gonna get ya!"
by sirspoonsalot October 26, 2006
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The Cobra is when a guy that is uncircumsised is getting a blow job and the person blowing gets the foreskin and using their mouth inflates the foreskin causing the wang to puff up like a cobra.
Man the bitch could blow, and to top it off she even gave me the cobra!!!
by krunchywonder April 21, 2006
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When at the end of a first date, you go in for a kiss but the other person pulls back their head like a cobra to avoid you.
Took Jenny out on a date last night. I thought we had a great time but when i dropped her off outside her house I went in for a kiss and she pulled the cobra on me.
by Sekgr February 02, 2013
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Another name for a swindler or petty con artist. The origin of the word comes from McCue or "Swindles nicely" in Irish.
So, you folks headin over to the Cobra's house tonight for some Taquitos and Grey Goose?
by Snakey October 07, 2006
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a group of terrorist in metal gear solid 3 snake eater. they are:
the pain: a dude that has wasps or hornets or whatever the hell they are-covering him.
the fear-use your thermal goggles to take him out. If you don't have your thermal goggles you're fucked.
the end-a guy that is over 100 SHIT FUCKING years old but a hell of a sniper. Father of sniping. What does that tell you?
the fury-likes to play with his flamethrower.
the sorrow-weirdest boss fight ever.
They're not really that hard. But sorrow is so fucking weird...
by Adrian November 25, 2004
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The Cobra is a legendary college ritual performed by taking someone preferably of the opposite sex and putting a line of cocaine and a small pile of salt on their stomach. The Cobra is initiated by taking a shot of the most potent liquor, followed by licking the salt pile. Then one will take a bite out of a lime, then finally snort the line of cocaine.
I don't know why I'm dressed as a geisha girl. Must be because I did The Cobra.
by Tones Dah Bones December 22, 2011
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