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A less than hardcore actor who once starred in such shitty films as Sidekicks, Invasion USA and Missing in Action. He is most know for his ridiculous display of round house kicks and poor dialogue on the show Walker Texas Ranger.
A washed up actor who got his second wind based upon a very large list of (at one time) humorous jokes and facts(If you will) about him, that after being repeated from here to Nantucket far too many times, became old and played out and down right NOT FUNNY ANYMORE
Chuck Norris' tears cur-- oh wait, you've heard this one before? Yeah me too about a million times...
by Pamanda February 25, 2006

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when you grow out your pinky nails to use them to pick up coke and snort it.
Look at that guys dirty coke nails.
by pamanda August 23, 2013

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Large breasts. Often saggy, or un pleasant.
"Chicks got wamdanglers to her knees!"
by Pamanda March 29, 2006

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