Winning a championship or a championship ring in professional sports.
Skip: K.D is the best basketball player in the world.
Steven: Wait a minute....Lebron is the best. K.D. hasn't gotten "The Chip" yet!
by boo&brasen May 06, 2013
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The Chip can be defined as the dub or the win. Typically used throughout the DMV.
We finna get the chip moe.

We got that chip out at Edison.
by MUN123456789 December 07, 2017
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Chips is Chips: a statement that can be used in many scenarios to more or less declare that "it is what it is", or "live and let go". Almost always this saying is used to eleviate the intensity of a conversation, conflict, or dilemma at hand. It helps us single out the petty worries of day to day living.
Husband: "Oh what a terrible day! We lost power today at the office, I was stuck in traffic for two hours, and got pulled over ten minutes before I got home!"
Wife: "Don't worry about it so much dear, chips is chips."
by RitaIsItalianForICE January 04, 2009
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A phrase used in reference to birds, this being because of the noises birds make.
Hello there, chip chip. My little chippies.
by Apple Macleroy August 25, 2006
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To occaisonally or recreationally use heroin without becoming trully addicted.
I've been chipping for years, but I'm lucky I've never got hooked and had to experience withdrawl symptoms.
by Ed Loverooni January 20, 2008
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Being helpful, take part in
Yo, can't you see I'm carrying this really heavy box. Come on, chip in!
by Blasgaroth September 28, 2008
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A state of mind wherein you are ready to kick some ass.
My boss is such a whore that she's really got me on the chip today
by soybot July 25, 2006
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