“Yeah I got a piss kink. In fact, they call me the raining champion.”
by *•*Anon*•* March 23, 2022
In the context of an online dating profile this means a guy with a thumb sized penis that masturbates constantly
by Lzeb October 3, 2019
The name given to the fan base dedicated to the YouTube sensation curtis price
The champions are the best viewers in the world
by Ashleigh Bryan May 31, 2019
The word used when someone finishes the rest of the joint or blunt, no matter the length left.
"CJ, you mothafucka, you just took the last of it all." "Oh shit you right, guess I'm the champion of it"
by UpsideDownGods July 5, 2019
Home of Hero's and Champions , slayers of those that dont use soap. . No brushes in this cupboard unlike those that use a big brush to sweep abuse under the carpet
Ibrox is the Home of Champions the deliverers of 55 league titles.
by Walterstheboss May 4, 2022
A really good book, but which made me bawl my eyes out and scream for Marie Lu's blood. :)

Can be used to describe a book that is really good but made you want to get the author's blood and cry till the end of time. Eventually you'll get over it and appreciate the writing, but until that moment...
"That book was such a Champion!" -Girl

"Oh god, are you ok?" -Guy

"What do you think??!" -Girl
by _bookworm July 7, 2022
Something to cheer hallelujah for when you reach the 100th day of trying to do 100 push-ups a day and finally make it to 100 on the 100th day!
"Hallelujah, we are the champions and we will keep on fighting, till I finish 100 push-ups!"
by LikeXD31 August 3, 2021