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Well, knowing that anyone in their right mind wouldn't look up "Hi" in the U.D., I can safely assume you did it for one of these reasons:

1) Your parent/roomate just walked in and you were looking up something that was very innapropriate for the time being.

2) You were just masturbating to some of the free erotica on this site, and in that case, just go back to what you were doing: sex story.

3) You aren't in your right mind and should go see a therapist.

4) You are extremely bored.

5) You are an alien from a parallel universe and would like to study the various aspects of human culture. One of them being the complex greeting system.

6) You tried looking up ho or bi but misspelled it.
Person 1: "So I was like looking at like this thing on UrbanDictionary last night when my parent walked in. I like typed in 'hi' and when my parent asked what I was doing, and I told her I was looking up 'hi' on UrbanDictionary. She then looked at my history and saw that I looked up 'tramp.' It was so hilarious the look on her face!"

Person 2: "ZOMG!! That's so ridiculous. I would have gotten grounded!"
by Nyan! October 19, 2014

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1. A mythical creature that has the upper-body of a human and the lower-body of a horse. They tend to be pictured shooting bows and arrows and with braided hair. They are originally a Greek legend. Chiron was a particularly significant Centaur who was intelligent and kind. Other Centaurs are drunkards who tend to be violent when intoxicated. Chiron was very good with medicine and could heal quite well.

2. A derogatory term used to describe a youthful girl who is very elegant in the chest and hips, but not quite so beautiful around her legs and feet.
"Oh no, the centaur killed my baby!"
"Darn, that Mya girl is a real centaur!"
by Nyan! August 20, 2014

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1. A mythical creature that resembles a centaur with lion body and the wings of a hawk or eagle. In legends, if you do not answer it's riddle it will either kill you or eat you. It is viewed as evil, treacherous, cunning, and ravenous. One story about a young adventurer makes him encounter one of these beasts. He answered it's riddle correctly: What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening? The young adventurer told the sphinx it was a man, and in the sphynxes anger, it destroyed itself.

2. A variation of hairless cat. It is asscosiated with disgusting animals like slugs, worms, or all else slimy and wrinkly. This is a stereotype that should not be excersized. It tends to have names like "Dobby" or "Smeagle" due to its bald nature. They can be quite cute and respectable if you look beyond the steteotype.
"Ewwww! That Sphynx's bald!"
"Did you hear about that adventurer that made that Sphynx kill itself?"
by Nyan! August 15, 2014

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