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some cunt that bashes people when he gets proven wrong.

He also big notes him self.
"yeah im rough cunt" *flexes muscles*

The Bully: "this cunts fat"
Random: "have you seen yourself latley"
*knocks out random"
by This Cunt June 27, 2011
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1. A hub for lies about other politicians not related to the Labor Party (ALP)

2. The Townsville Bulletin
Mainly contributed to by ALP bias Journo's with the exception of a few outsider journalist's who hold whatever integrity there is left of the establishment together, The Townsville Bulletin or "the bully" as its also known as, is a paper and internet resource which is more often used as fish & chip paper to the vast majority of the public as the more than frequent lies have grown slightly old on most people. The Bully is best known for its backstabbing ways and can never be trusted by anyone it approaches.
by The Lie Detector Army July 20, 2010
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