An eloquent dream symbol, its crossing an achievement that long felt impossible. "Last night, I dreamed I walked across the bridge", she told him, "all by myself, all the way to the other side of the river."
"I dreamed I walked across the bridge."
by Monkey's Dad January 15, 2023
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This is the depth between a girl's bikini bottom and her skin, as it spans the distance between her hip bone over to her tummy. This phenomena most likely occurs when a girl is laid flat out on her back.

<medical def> The Nelaton's Line (also known as the Roser-Nelaton line) is a theoretical line, drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine of the female to her tuberosity of the ischium. Also see The Gap and The Valley to learn about other exciting female anatomy.
"Dude, did you see how deep the bridge was on that chick???!!!"
"Yes dude, I would like to camp out under it tonight and look at the stars"
by Fireball 53 July 28, 2009
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A bridge, located in front of Fidel's Little Mexico in Solona Beach in San Diego, CA. However, it is actually not a bridge. It has nothing under it, only sides that make it look like a bridge, which has led to endless contoversy and discussion as to whether it is allowed to be called a bridge. There is absolutely no parking on the bridge, but the two parking spots located adjacent to The Bridge are the single most coveted parking spots in the world. In the Fidel's sign above The Bridge, approximately two lights are burnt out. A door in the vacinity of The Bridge has a doorbell that does not ring when pressed. A recent incidence which sparked the curiosity of others is when a random person said to someone named James, "I just dont know James!" It is still uncertain whether he was speaking to James or not.

Pronounced: Th-uh Br-ih-j
"Meet at The Bridge at 7"
"Let's go to The Bridge"
"It's not a Bridge, it's The Bridge"
"What are we doin tonight? I don't know, lets figure it out at The Bridge"
by A-Team SD March 3, 2008
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A wooden bridge located in the Tackapausha Woods in Seaford, NY where many generations of underage teens go to drink and smoke bud..
Dude there's nothin else to do tonight, lets get a couple of 30 packs and some good bud and go to The Bridge !
by The Beer Monster November 3, 2007
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The place in Rockville Centre go to drink. It's mainly for the teens who go to South Side High School or the Chiminade boys. A lot of drinking beer, and having sex. In the bushes...
Group chat: LAX boys

Chad: YO bro! the bridge tonight?

Brad: Yo I'm down
Jack: bro julianna is coming im plowing that
Patrick: LMAOOOO
by longisland SHADE August 8, 2019
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A prison term for when a non-circumcised inmate takes his penis’ foreskin and extends it over the tip of another inmate’s circumcised penis.
Warden in shock: "What are you two doing?"
Inmate #1: Bridging, Warden.
Inmate #2: Yeah, bridging.
by Jebus78 October 5, 2009
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