An affectionate term for your boyfriend. Used in the 'Belle De Jour' book, prior to implementation in real life.
Flo: How are you getting home to your gaff?
Maz: The Boy is picking me up at 7.
by Maz+Flo September 01, 2005
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Homer's main reference to Bart, even when speaking to Bart.
<Homer> Boy, clean your room.

<Homer> It wasn't me, it was the boy.
by B-Drac September 09, 2003
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The Boys are that group of guys at your highschool who are low key chill asf, their addicted to natty light or bang, trains are always a thing with The Boys but only with freshman
omg! Look! It’s The Boys!! Their so hot but their low key feins for pussy and alcohol
by Thy Boyz February 21, 2020
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the most embarrassing type of friend group you’ll even see. if someone refers to themself as part of “the boys” run in the other direction. some of “the boys” hobbies are saying racial slurs, making homophobic “jokes” disrespecting women and body shaming.
POV: you are part of the boys and are texting any girl
“hey wyd
“Nothing much, about to go hang out with the boys😈”
by iluvsatan March 22, 2021
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"The boys" are the worst gaming people to play with they are homophobic Racist, hate on people for no reason and are little kids the homies are better
"The boys" are trash
via giphy
by WatchYallComeAfterMe January 02, 2021
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Used mostly in Scotland to communicate how cool or "ledge" someone or something is. Words like 'total' or 'absolute' can be used to enhance it.

Pronounced, The (Boh-yee) said quickly so it runs together seamlessly.
Derek: He's the boy isn't he.

Chris: Yeah he's ledge


Derek: Kelloggs Corn Flakes are stingin'

Chris: Yeah they are the absolute boy.
by afroguy10 February 25, 2009
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a talented individual of which excels at a multitude of activities, and is known as that dude. Activities include fighting games, and dota 2.
by comeseetheboy April 15, 2014
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