nickname for pro skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. He earned this nickname through time by starting Baker, winning SOTY and just keeping the gnar to the max.
the boss just switch back heeled Carlsbad!!! what??!!
by adjd October 30, 2007
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The boss is a character out of Metal Gear Solid 3 . She is the mentor of naked snake and becomes a traitor against the U.S
by Scannerfish November 27, 2004
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your master in a certain situation. may really bust you balls if he smells your fear or sees that he can bitch you around to relieve himself of his stress or to relieve himself sexually from the feeling of being superior
the boss: Where is my coffee
employee: you didnt ask for one
the boss: like hell i didnt
employee: (under breath) asswipe
by ellz0rzzzz September 02, 2006
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Video Game Character, Hardest and LAST enemy in a particular level
by Zacrobtho May 09, 2005
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1). the title for legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen.
2). the person who bosses you at work
3). The main villain in Metal Gear Solid 3...and it's a girl too!
4). in a video game, an opponent more fiercer than normal enemies. Will use stronger attacks than normal enemies as well as have more hp. Boss battles can sometimes be epics.
1). The Boss is in the house.
2). Damn it, you want to meet the boss? Burns in annoying and stupid...DOH!
3). I am the Boss...Snake, this is all my plan!
4). Gargh...I can't defeat the boss in this game. Damn it....Emerald Weapon always kills me!
by World Domination February 10, 2005
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The Boss is a nickname for the rock legend that is Bruce Springsteen - The greatest musician of all time!
Mike: "Who are you listening to?"
John: "I'm listening to The Boss"
by Willy Sproule June 02, 2006
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