The most wonderfully vulgar and awesome Broadway musical ever written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of "South Park" fame.
I'm trying so desperately to get tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway, but they're sold out way into summer.
by pseudonym#5783644785 May 23, 2011
A musical created by the creators of South Park. Perhaps one of the best musicals to ever be produced. The songs are amazing, and the acting/dancing is god-like. It's about the Mormon Faith.
Harry: I like South Park.

Norman: If you like South Park, then you'd love The Book Or Mormon.

Harry: ???

Norman: The Book Of Mormon is a musical created by the creators of South Park. The music is just amazing.

Harry: I'll check it out. Thanks for the info Norman.
by I_am_a_Mormon July 25, 2011
"Is there gonna be a sequel to the Book of Mormon?"

"Well, it kinda is a sequel, you know, fan fiction. God knows if Hollywood gets hold of it they'll fuck it up."

"As if it's not already."
by thenewstateofamerica March 3, 2009
The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It is about 500 pages long and was written in biblical times on the American continents by the Nephites, Lamanites and Jaredites. It was translated by Joseph Smith, prophet, seer and revelator in the mid-1800s. It is read and studied by Latter-Day Saints (LDS) or Mormons. It is not in place of the bible, it just talks about Jesus on a different continent. It is, as I believe, is true and is one of the best things that you'll ever read.
The Book of Mormon is long, but rewarding.
another testiment of jesus christ, written by joseph smith and studdied by latter day saints, or mormons. this book is not false doctarine, and mormons are not bad people or polygamists, if you are somehow under the impression that they are feel free to talk to one. before you critisize the book of mormon go ahead and read it, everything in it can be backed up by the bible, which i am pretty sure is the basis of most christian religions, which brings me to another subject. mormons ARE christians, why else would they call their church The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Days Saints, emphasis on the Jesus Christ part, jeez. quit the mormon bashing and give em' a chance.
person 1: what is the book of mormon?

person 2: another testament of Jesus Christ

A religious holy book that is reverenced by Mormons, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Written by Joseph Smith, who is alleged to have received an Angelic revelation revealing the location of golden plates of which tell the tale of Christ visiting the American natives shortly after being resurrected. Those who adhere to this religion are known to wear what is described by many as "Holy Underwear". Mormons are forbidden to be referenced by the first name, instead opting for the title of "Elder", or "Sister". As one with half a brain could probably deduce, it is a religion of pure bullshit. Obvious bullshit.
Elder Johnson: Oh, Tom...I think...I just shit my Holy Underwear! What am I going to do?

Elder Richards: Hey, shit for brains...I thought I told you to call me Elder. So you shit your holy drawers? Don't worry. It is Holy Shit now. Damn, that stinks!

Atheist: Hey, don't worry guy! Just tear a few pages out of The Book of Mormon, and use it to wipe your ass. It is basically what it is, an ass-wipe.

Elder Johnson: *scratches chin* You know...I think maybe you are right...
by SevereveS December 2, 2010