The hypothetical armed conflict caused by the current economic, racial, and environmental tensions in the United States. In theory it will be somewhere between total anarchy and civil war. Easily imagined as repeat of the US civil war, the great depression, the dust bowl, and George Orwell's 1984 all rolled into a single conflict.
" man did you see what's going on in Hong Kong right now?"
" yeah it looks like their kicking off the boogaloo over there."
by Boojahideen November 22, 2019
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When the United States citizens rise up against their tyrannical government to ensure liberty, and freedom for all.
The boogaloo is going to happen you ready?
by Fi Skirata August 23, 2020
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A get together of people ready to go to war against "liberal lefties". Ususally meme'd as a joke by right wing people or those actively trying to keep their firearms when Democratic politicians go for their guns as a time when they have to defend their right to bare arms by proclaiming "Try me."
You hear how the governor of Virginia was trying to take everyones guns?!! *sigh* Time to start the "Boogaloo" again...
by Little Richie's Black Uncle August 25, 2020
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Boogaloo origin: Orgy by a group of island native midgets
Boogaloo: being fucked in every hole
I just boogaloo'd by some sexy dudes.
by Boogaloo Clan September 23, 2013
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To lose to a lesser opponent because of the miniscule failure of a teammate to put forth their maximum effort at any point during the game.
Instead of lowering his shoulder for an extra two yards, Lendale White skipped out of bounds. Because he didn't get those yards I got boogalooed on my fantasy football matchup this week by .03 points.
by Skinny Fool November 19, 2007
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Of a pop culture artifact (eg: movies, TV, music, books) - for the finished product to be enjoyable for the earnestness of the creators and over-the-top style of the craft, rather than the so-called objective quality of the finished work.

Inspired by the film title "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo" and popularized on the podcast "Kung Fu Electric Boogaloo."
"Ninja 3: The Domination isn't a great movie, but it's the most boogaloo movie ever made!"
by Cubreporterk January 6, 2019
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Boogaloo is a certain dance when u swing ur shoulders up and down real quick!
Hey ya'll jump on the flo' do break ya neck and get a little boogaloo too!!!!!
by Kevin February 4, 2004
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