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A get together of people ready to go to war against "liberal lefties". Ususally meme'd as a joke by right wing people or those actively trying to keep their firearms when Democratic politicians go for their guns as a time when they have to defend their right to bare arms by proclaiming "Try me."
You hear how the governor of Virginia was trying to take everyones guns?!! *sigh* Time to start the "Boogaloo" again...
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by Little Richie's Black Uncle August 24, 2020

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A prison pillow is an annoying and extremely effeminate gay man. Often the man in prison who is used to vent other inmates sexual needs and they often do it willingly. Generally the stereotypical kind you see with the inverted shirt-bra and calling other men their "Boo" and acting catty to other gay men.

The kinda gay where they forget how to throw a punch and instead scream and try and scratch you with fake and awful glued on nails.

The Pillow is used due to the reference "If you are feeling hot you just flip it over."
Jesus christ Kyle. I get that you are gay but did you have to go out with such a prison pillow?
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by Little Richie's Black Uncle January 13, 2019

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