When your Having anal sex with a girl who hasn't had an enema & the pressure builds up so once u pull out Feces will be expelled at an incredible Rate
Janine forgot to tell me she didnt have an enema so after i pulled out from fuckin her in the ass She shit all over me with the back shot
by Don't worry about it 101 April 8, 2009
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"Givin' her back shots and got money out the ass" 50 Cent (Missy's Work It Remix)
by chynabell2003 October 1, 2003
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of caribbean origin... the act of sex with a woman from behind. traditionally referred to as doggystyle. heigtened pleasure when the girl turns her face to look at you
i flipped she over and gave her the back shot
by bigdan August 21, 2005
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A man positions himself behind his partner, and inserts his d*ck into his woman's vagina from behind. She's usually bending over something, or on her hands and knees. The guy can then pull her hair, and use her boobies for handles.
by NetProtocal July 29, 2005
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It’s tequila and pickle juice. A shot often taken at surfer the bar Jacksonville. Some, but not always, choose to tickle their homie after taking the shot.
Yo babe you come here often? Let me buy you a tickle back shot hahah sup I’m Kyle
by Averysurfs December 7, 2020
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When a man applies icy hot to his penis before intercourse and hits it from the back thus creating the icy hot back shot.
Yeah dude, I gave her the icy hot back shot and she LOVED it.
by swmpydlphn21 June 20, 2020
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